Why Soulcy? 

Soulcy is a corporate wellness and mental wellbeing solution with a difference.

It originates from the soul!

Everything we do is global and online. No matter where your employees are based or what time zone they work in, we have a solution that brings them all together for support and to build skills such as resilience training via mindfulness and EQ.

You also have access to our “The Truth About” Programmes for everyone, and our Soulcy Ladies Club that provides 1-1 support for the high achieving women in your business.

Solutions that unites teams.

Solutions that leaves your employees feeling supported.

Solutions that teaches your teams how to work better together, improving their communication, productivity, resilience and increasing your bottom line.

We provide the tools, knowledge and environment to get them started and the structure to create their new habits, make them stick and transform your bottom line.  

A Soulcy Connection

In the world of remote working the flexibility means more will get done in a shorter time, but what happens to the water cooler conversation? What happens to the reconnection with your teammates when you're popping out for a sandwich? 

Right now the remote worker needs a reason to stop and re-focus. Relax and de-stress. Re-charge and re-cinnect to themselves as well as others. Without going into the office for a workshop, they are limited with how much support they can have. 

Soulcy is the virtual place to bring people together, to help them feel connected, to build their resilience to the stresses of their job and help them become more internally aware in the process.  It's an essential escape, a go-to space for relaxation and calm that anyone can visit at the touch of a button -  wherever they may be.