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BBC World News

World Mental Health Day, Emma Fairclough, Mindfulness expert talks to BBC World News about the importance of speaking up for those with mental health problems.

Emma Fairclough Psychologies

Psychologies Magazine

5 easy ways to work more mindfully.

Mindfulness teacher, inspirational speaker and founder of, Emma Fairclough shares her secrets on how to handle stress at work by using mindfulness

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Natural Health Magazine

How to detox digitally everyday.

Emma Fairclough, mindfulness expert and founder of says: Some people survive on food and water. Others survive on Facebook, Google and Twitter. If you're the latter you may be in need of a digital detox - wean yourself off slowly by trying one of these each week:

Emma Fairclough Psychologies

Psychologies Magazine

5 ways to get happy now.

Coach, inspirational speaker and creator of ‘The Spiritual Stand-Up Show’ Emma Fairclough shares her secrets on how to put happiness at the forefront of your life – and scroll to the end for details of a special webinar

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Psychologies Magazine Online

5 ways to connect to yourself and others

Mindfulness teacher, inspirational speaker, founder of and creator of 10:10:10 – the free global mindfulness event for World Mental Health Day, Emma Fairclough shares her secrets on how to connect mindfully with yourself and those around you in times of need.

Europe Business Review

As you read this 1 in 4 of your colleagues are affected by some form of mental health condition be that anxiety, depression or stress. Perhaps this is even you. The fact is for most of us, out of all the pressures you’re under each day, your working day is by far the most damaging to your mental health.


‘We work so hard to provide for our family, and yet we leave out the biggest provision of all, and that’s giving them our time,’ says Emma Fairclough, a mindfulness facilitator and the founder of ‘No matter how modern and digital this world is, the most important thing in your children’s life is still you...

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