a soulcy story

Soulcy Mindfulness brings more calm, fun, peace and clarity to your working day.  

Soulcy Mindfulness is all about giving you and your fellow employees that 'virtual space to breathe'. That virtual space to breathe in between your morning meeting with the team, the preparation for your new client and deciding the best way to integrate the new office software.

It's like an online tea break, a virtual massage for your mind or a walk in the park when you've never left your desk. 

Meditation has been practised for thousands of years with so many documented benefits. Emma's experience, research from Harvard University and feedback from her clients suggests with meditation one may become more resilient to stress, be less prone to worry, may feel more relaxed, make better decisions, and even experience more creative thoughts and improved relationships.

With Soulcy relaxation, calm and clarity are at your finger tips and just a moment away. 

a soulcy connection

In the world of remote working the flexibility means more will get done in a shorter time, but what happens to the water cooler conversation? What happens to the reconnection with your teammates when you're popping out for a sandwich? 

Right now the remote worker needs a reason to stop and re-focus. Relax and de-stress. Re-charge and re-cinnect to themselves as well as others. Without going into the office for a workshop, they are limited with how much support they can have. 

Welcome to Soulcy sessions. 

Bring your workforce back together again through the channel of live meditation, online with Soulcy. Help them feel connected again to each other, your business and the World. 

soulcy founder

Emma Fairclough has always had an interest in helping others. For this reason she completed her Bachelors Degree in Business and Human Resource Management 20 years ago where she specialised in Change Management – helping organisations support their employees’ wellbeing through organisational change at every level.

Emma went on to become an expert in Communication and Wellness and has worked with marketing agencies and corporate clients in the UK, Australia and the USA over the last 10 years. During her time working in the corporate environment, Emma noticed a distinct rise in employee stress and increased isolation through remote working.  This, coupled with her own experience, led Emma to explore Mindfulness for the first time and she quickly realised its potential. Since then Emma has become a Mindfulness teacher and uses this as her biggest management tool today.  

Emma is also a professional Coach, a Master of NLP and Time Line Therapy (and was even a Stand-Up Comedienne once!).  She is well known for her unique, professional and fun style of delivery which transcends through to everyone she works with. It is this unique blend that has led her to create a Mindfulness space like no other.


Soulcy is the virtual place to bring people together, to help them feel connected, to build their resilience to the stresses of their job and help them become more internally aware in the process.  It's an essential escape, a go-to space for relaxation and calm that anyone can visit at the touch of a button -  wherever they may be.