Why Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence? 

Isolation and stress are two well-known factors that can impact our mental wellbeing.  With the rise of remote working, shift working, as well as juggling busy work and home lives, these are unfortunately becoming the norm for many. 

Here at SoulcyHQ we hear daily how this impacts mental wellbeing, relationships and overall quality of life, and we see how practicing mindfulness can be of huge benefit as many companies turn to mindfulness meditation as a means of supporting their workforce. 

Soulcy In Work

Soulcy employee mindfulness programmes are a virtual service that enables employers to provide their employees with live mindfulness meditations directly from their desk, wherever they are in the world. Click here for more information on our weekly mindfulness sessions.

  • As an employer could you provide even more support to your employees in their Mental Wellbeing?

  • As an employer do you struggle to provide health, wellbeing and mental wellness support to your remote workers and shift worker?

  • As an employer do you have a Health & Wellbeing Week where you would like to offer something for ALL your employees, EVERY day?


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